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The HETC Project at the Faculty of Humanities, funded by the Word Bank was only grant to be awarded for a humanities research project in an island wide competition. This project functionary from 2012-2015 has been successful and is now in the process of being finalized. However, the research initiatives, archives and resources need to be properly managed and shared for the benefit of all faculties of the University of Kelaniya and society at large.

The Samkthana Research Center of the University of Kelaniya (SRCUK) is an initiative of the Faculty of Humanities, in collaboration with Faculty of Medicine, Social Sciences and the Post Graduate Institute of Archeology.

In order to enhance the quality and dignity of human life through the creation and dissemination of interdisciplinary knowledge on discourse communities, the center conducts research and documents evidence on identified research topics and themes, disseminates findings, and provides advocacy in order to sustain Sri Lanka’s diversity and its potential for strengthening inclusive growth.


Enhance quality and dignity of human life through creation and dissemination of interdisciplinary knowledge on discourse communities.


Conduct research and document evidence on identified research thrust areas, disseminate findings and provide advocacy in order to enrich Sri Lanka’s diversity and potential for inclusive growth.

Thrust Areas of Research

Language Sciences, Teaching Methodology, Disability, Ethnography, Cultural Studies, Buddhist Studies, Art History, Architecture and Musicology.

We offer young academics the following services in order to collaboratively enhance the quality of research in the thematic areas and topics listed above:

  • Widening your horizon for innovate and challenging new research fields on Discourse Communities;
  • Attuning your current aims to fit multidisciplinary and postmodern  research approaches;
  • Locating your current research against a sound theoretical framework;
  • Developing your concept notes for research projects and research proposals (MPhil and PhD), seminar papers and abstracts for conferences;
  • Providing space to improve your presentational skills at symposia and conferences;
  • Assisting in the initial stages of literature review;
  • Developing your ideas into documentary films, facilitating script writing, editing and monitoring the process of ethnographic documentaries;
  • Providing quality equipment and expertise for making documentary films, voice recordings and editing the video films.
  • Curating your creative ideas in exhibitions and live performances.