OSense O-Sense

Name of Research Assistant : Nirosha Kulasekara
Specific research topic : Linguistic features of stammering in Young Adults

Name of Research Assistant : L.C.Seneviratne
Specific research topic : Effects of Psychosocial Differences in Hearing Impaired Adolescents, on Linguistic flexibility

Name of Research Assistant : Mr.T.Arunakirinathan
Specific research topic : Variations in dialect and usage of specific vocabulary among different castes in the Jaffna 31 Peninsula

Name of Research Assistant : Karunathevy Sivaji
Specific research topic : An analysis of the post-conflict English usage in the Jaffna Peninsula to identify distinctive domain related features

Name of Research Assistant : R.R.Attygalle
Specific research topic : Marginalized community and the language of the Vaddahs

Name of Research Assistant : J.A.V.N.Jayathilaka
Specific research topic : Colonial political influence in later Buddhist Art (1796-1948) of the Low-country and its Role in Shaping Key Strands in Contemporary National Buddhist Discourse

Name of Research Assistant : Mrs.Vany Pushparaj
Specific research topic : An analysis of language learning difficulties in visually impaired children-In Northern region of Sri Lanka

Name of Research Assistant : Shankaranathan Vimalshankar
Specific research topic : Parai's (drm) influence and its downfall in the course of history from 800 AD to date

Name of Research Assistant : H.K.G.Asanka Ishan Dayapala
Specific research topic : Educational achievements and language acquisition of children with special needs receiving inclusive education: A study of Sinhala speaking children with communication disabilities at special school, probationary and rehabilitation institutes in the western province, Sri Lanka

Name of Research Assistant : S.Y.Dias
Specific research topic : Neuro Linguistic Study of Second Language Reading Skills of Slow Learners and Learning Disabled of Selected primary Schools in the Negombo Educational Zone.