OSense O-Sense

The first activity focuses on improving the process of producing postgraduate students. They will have an impact on the present students in the university as well as those who will be enrolled in the future. The three activities focus on strengthening specific research areas and producing Ph.D. degrees.


To carry out ethnographic research on documenting evidence of the discourse communities in Sri Lanka, so that postgraduate research at the University of Kelaniya answers the national needs of 21st century Sri Lanka. The secondary objective is to encourage independent data gathering by the students themselves. In this way, the discourse communities will get to know the researcher/s on a one on one basis.

Scope and coverage

Undertake full-time research leading to an M.Phil or Ph.D. degree. The travel grant is only for travel purposes within Sri Lanka. The institution will provide supervision, equipment, office space and a place to work and interact with fellow researchers. The cost of equipment required for data collection will be met separately by the project.


The responsibilities of the candidates in using the travel grant are to:

  • Carry out scientific research under the guidance of the appointed supervisors initially, and enhance the body of scientific knowledge through original scientific research.
  • Undertake relevant field visits required for the collection of data.
  • Ensure ethical standards are met in the collection and use of data.
  • Publish and disseminate research findings of the project in peer reviewed scientific journals and disseminate findings at suitable scientific conferences.
  • Maintain confidentiality of research findings until published, and agree to adhere to rules and regulations on postgraduate research in the Faculty of Humanities, and as deemed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Kelaniya.
  • Declare any conflict of interest or any matter that might have an impact on the conduct of the project, to the main supervisors.
  • Liaise with the Coordinator of the HETC Window 3 Humanities Project in planning field visits.
  • Be responsible to return equipment [laptop, camcorder etc.] in working order, on completion of project.

Qualifications to Register for M.Phil/Ph.D.

B.A. (Special) degree with a First Class in related subject/field
B.A. (Special) degree with a class in related subject/field
B.A. (General) degree with at least related subject at M.A. or M.S.Sc. level

Expected Outcomes

An M.Phil or  Ph.D. dissertation and publications in scientific conferences and peer reviewed journals.