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The aim of the HETC/Quality and Innovative Grant (QIG) is to enhance the quality of teaching, learning and research in various study programs offered by higher education institutes producing postgraduates who could contribute significantly to the economic and social development of the country.

The problem we propose to investigate is the nature of discourse communities of Sri Lanka. This is a broad area of research and the purpose is to start an archive, which provides evidence of particular discourse communities, in the form of descriptive and audio-visual material. The proposed M.Phil. and Ph.D. studies will augment this archive, thereby leaving a legacy of linguistic evidence for future research. In order to achieve this, we need to train the researchers in collecting, sorting, archiving and disseminating data in the field of ethnography.

In order to strengthen postgraduate education in the Faculty of Humanities, University of Kelaniya, a total of three activities have been proposed to overcome the identified weaknesses in the study program. They are:

Name : Training on Collaborative Research
Objectives : Training of Trainers/Students
Innovative Features : Research on marginalized Groups
Expected physical progress for reporting period : Undertaking linguistic field work
Training of 8 Mphil and 2 PhD candidates from the Universities of Colombo and Jaffna

Displaying a Diversity in Quality Research

  • Language  Learning difficulties of blind children- In Jaffna peninsula- Vany Pushparaj Variation in dialect and usage of specific vocabulary among different castes in the Jaffna Peninsula
    - T.Arunakirinathan
  • A Study of Slow Learners and Learning Disabled of selected Primary Schools in the Negombo Educational Zone
    - S. Dias
  • Does Hearing Impairment among adolescents learners serve to create a hidden discourse community? An empirical study of similarity in diversity
    - L.C.Seneviratna
  • Problems of students with Special Needs in Communicating in Diglossic Environment
    H. K. G. A. I. Dayapala
  • Marginalized Community and the Language of the Adivasis
    - R.R. Attygala
  • Identification of the Role and Function of the ‘’Parai druming” creating and maintaining a distinct discourse community of practitioners
    - S. Wimalashankar
  • A study of the Language used by the Kaffir community of Kalpitty and Trinco
    - N.K.Kulasekara